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Sunday 11 September 2011

Venue: Block 33

I am arriving at block33 and indeed a hot day! The venue today houses the following bands: Samael (Sweden) Melechesh (Israel), Keep of Kalessin (Norway), In Vain (Norway), Darkend (Italy), Minkus (Sweden). I recall to have seen Melechesh live in Eightball club some months back and I have to say, the band is pure energy and keeps the fans stunned to the end. I can’t wait for this gig to start! I am so excited to see so many bands touring Greece over the last years.

The doors finally opened @ 19:00. By entering the venue a merchandise rack filled with t-shirts, cds, long sleeves stands dominating and fans have started to buy some goodies. All of a sudden a band crew/technician comes out with an electrical appliance and throws it to the trash by saying: "it smells... junk"


And Houston we have a liftoff!!! Minkus starts the gig with their female front man getting the heat levels rising fast. Their music is an unexpected mixture of “Soulfly, System of a down & Rage against the machine” with Core elements. The band mentioned having transportation problems but they finally managed to get to the gig in time. Sparkling and joyful but nothing really interesting here concluding an average performance from the band. 5/10.


Dark End

Blasphemy banners start to decorate the stage as Dark End from Italy unleash hell. Definitely showing devotion to their act followed by technical music performance. Black metal with great melody synth parts reminding of “Dimmu Borgir & Abigail Williams”. Guest appearance by Vasilis from “Daylight Misery” singing a track from their first album. The show continues when the front man comes out with huge nail leather gloves and the band starts to travel the fans in fantasy paths of mystery and fiery fields with synth and drum parts of another world. Great performance. 8/10.

In Vain

 As our possessed friends leave the stage, a green bass followed by a green guitar enter. A female front man with a pop attitude followed with funky jazz playing style similar to… ugh? “Maroon 5 & Britney spears”… I cannot believe that the fore coming appearance after this band is Keep of Kalessin. Total failure to the gig's character derailing the lineup. Really nothing else to mention here. 3/10.



The time has come! Sumerian demons Melechesh hit the stage unleashing the rattlesnakes of tyranny. Closing my eyes their music travels me to the ancient pyramids and the city of Karnakh in Luxor. Excellent techniques and groove especially from the drummer, but lack of sound quality by the sound engineer. During the show a scent of jasmine was filling the venue. The vocals tight and full of energy with good balance. Coming up next a blast from their album sphinx makes the crowd go head bang to death. Their music sounds familiar to Greek folk music and rhythms perfectly combined to a special outcome giving the band a unique character. Until now 150 people approx attend the gig. Descent performance with the sound getting better in the last songs. Without question the best overall performance today and I have to admit that Melechesh had the strongest feedback. 9/10.


Keep of Kalessin

Keep of Kalessin strike! Imminent damage from the first seconds. The band shows talent and attitude as the front man along with the guitarist and bassist head bang with fury at most parts reminding me of Amon Amarth. Their style consists of ultra fast blast beats, the drummer is definitely influenced by Hellhammer and the overall scheme is close to “Strapping young lad” and slow melody parts from “Pantera to Testament”. The double-base has gone crazy and I can barely see the drummer's hands! Coming up next is a slow head banger track that feels like old good Satyricon and the new Celtic Frost. Great and powerful the band restless grinds the stage. The bass player wheel-head bangs most of the time. Overall. 7/10.



After a quick stage rearrangement the medieval prophecy has been revealed and Samael enter forth under the sing of the Baphomet, followed by red lights and abstracts projection. The first two tracks give the crowd an idea of what is to come. They feel good to be back and they present us the songs of their recently released album and I have to say… I am impressed. Their music follows dark industrial paths mixed with heavy dominating atmospheric synths combined with the low tone vocals complete the bands unique character. What I really enjoy with Samael is their Symphonic and riff cutting breath taking parts. From one of their most famous songs 'Slavocracy' coming from their release in 2008 they take us into a dark song from their very first album entitled 'Into the Pentagram'. The crowd is stunned by the show of red lights and fire projections. The sound is gradually getting better and a feeling that something unholy is hitting me. At this moment there is a maximum of 170 people attending. Coming to the end they present us their latest album that leaves a Mechanical / Avant Garde taste. I give them a total score. 7.5/10.

for MetalRanks & Rock Overdose
by Theo Echidna

(Check back soon for the Live report in Greek)