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Tuesday, 07 August 2012


EXILE was founded by guitarist Nader back in 2008, when he brought the members to jamming sessions to play together, then they decided to come up with their own music that is influenced by the old school masters back in the 80's. because they all knew that the 80's was the golden era for metal music, precisely; thrash metal music.

Nader and Hasan were friends before and wanted to take the jamming more seriously so they both met Tayyem the drummer who was also interested in the same musical style.

The three thrash maniacs continued playing together and recorded their first demo album at Tayyem's basement with SymphoQueen Production. The demo is entitled “Death Thrashers Rising” which is a name that depicts their passion to old school thrash metal.

The Demo album “Dead Thrashers Rising” was released in January, 2010. Following that and Due to personal issues Hasan Al-Dalleh (bass guitar) left the band, thus recruiting Ibrahim Khatib to handle bass guitar duties

In 2010 the band released a single album entitled Absolute Evil, the release consisted of 2 tracks, a rerecording of the song “Ignorant is What You Are” that was previously released in the Demo album , and the single track Absolute Evil, the track is to be re-released in the band's full length debut album “Suspended Society/Mutilated Variety”

Both the Demo album and the single release “Absolute Evil” received a number of positive reviews and was featured on several radio stations in and outside of Jordan in countries that are to be considered pioneers in the genre, such as; Germany, USA, UK, Sweden, Finland, France, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Columbia.

In February of 2011 Exile performed their first concert at Do Rock, in Istanbul, Turkey, the performance went quite smooth and the band managed to create a solid fan base in turkey as a result.

The band was later supposed to perform in the first edition of the Pyramids Metal Festival in Egypt as an opening act for the British Death Metal legends Napalm Death, but the organizers of the event postponed the event due to the situation in Egypt.

In July, 2011, Exile entered the studio to record their first full length debut album “Suspended Society/Mutilated Variety”. The album was recorded in the realms of HPP (Horned Helmet Productions).
In July 30, 2012 the band released their first full-length album “Suspended Society/Mutilated Variety” the album contains 11 fast and aggressive tracks which are pure old school thrash with some death metal elements.

Exile's music is based on aggressive riffs that should be as fast as the old Thrash Metal was. In an attempt to revive the spirit of 80's metal.


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