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Mortuus Sum

Mortuus Sum

2002: Panzerfaust are summoned by Yngve (W.E.B., Christfuck, ex-Acherontas) and Auren (ex-Nyne, ex-W.E.B.). A couple of songs are written, but never recorded. 2003: The band splits up, after Auren leaves for Sweden and Yngve joins the army. 2007: Yngve reforms the band under the name Mortuus Sum and begins composing and recording the first demo, which is not yet released. 2010: After a long time as a one man’s band, Yngve recruits Jim Havok (Chained And Desperate), bassist and long time friend to play bass and handle the vocals for the band. Almost at the same time, Morrigan joins as the band’s lyricist. Recordings of “Promo 2011” are finally started. 2011: “Promo 2011” is finally released in May. The songs for the first full length album are also composed, but not yet recorded. In August, Vaelor (ex-Odin’s Court, ex-Diablery, ex-Mors In Tabula), joined the band as a guitarist. 2012: Jim Havok decides to leave the band in February. He left in good terms due to limited free time, as he lives in a different city than the rest of the band. At the same time, Tartarus (ex-Odin’s Court, ex-Nipenthis) joined the band to handle guitars and bass, along with Vaelor. Not a lot of time passed and in April, Tartarus leaves due to restricted time and heavy schedule at his job. Morrigan also leaves for personal reasons. Just as before, Jim Havok returns to handle the bass once again, after Yngve’s decision to keep Mortuus Sum as a studio band. In May, Ikteros (Funeral Storm, Aphorism, Serpent Path) joins as the vocalist and Banshee joines as the band’s lyricist. On October 3rd, a split EP with Funeral Storm, entitled “Inverted God”, is released in digital format and is available for free download. 2013: In February, “Promo 2011” which was released in digital format in 2011, is released on CD-r, limited to 50 hand-numbered copies. Astraeos (Morbid Fog, Theosis, Vetusmora), joined the band on March, as the second vocalist. As in April 8th, Ikteros is no longer our vocalist, due to personal reasons. On the 22nd of May, the split EP with Nattergal entitled "Buried and Doomed in Misery", was finally released in digital format and it's available for purchase via BandCamp. 2014: Due to restricted time schedule, Astraeos is no longer a member of the band. We wish him the best with his bands and hope that our paths will be crossed again in the future. Vocal recordings will be done by our ex-singer Ikteros and after the release, Mortuus Sum will begin looking for a new singer. Black Metal inspired by the Ancient Ones (Darkthrone, Bathory, Mayhem, Dark Funeral...) NO POLITICS!!! NO PROPAGANDA!!! JUST PURE BLACK METAL!!! The Coven: Yngve - Guitars/Drums Jim Havok - Bass Banshee - Lyrics Ikteros - Session vocals
Created on: Thursday, 01 September 2011
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