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Phavian is a Los Angeles-based band created out of no mold. This unique project often take listeners from soft, beautiful, melodic passages to heavy, intense, riff-driven segments within the span of a single song. Viewing music as a boundless art, they use unconventional rhythms, orchestrations, and melodies as tools in crafting a sonic world for listeners to delve into.

The band was created as a musical entity focused on composition, which led to the creation of their debut album, Kiena. After Kiena’s release, Phavian spent 2009 gigging, touring, and promoting their music. 2009 was a year filled with learning experiences that helped the band grow as performers and artists.

Using their recent experience and prolific nature to their advantage, Phavian has embarked on an unheard of endeavo

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Porcupine Tree
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2 weeks ago
Nick Yngve Due to restricted time schedule, Astraeos is no longer a member of the band. We wish him the best with his bands and hope that our paths will be crossed again in the future. Vocal recordings will be done by our ex-singer Ikteros and after the release, Mortuus Sum will begin looking for a new singer.
Sep 02
Nick Yngve updated group, Mortuus Sum
Sep 02