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Tuesday, 12 June 2012


The band started in 2008 of April with its first members Regie Viñas (Penetralia/Brutal Punishment) on guitars and Josshua “Amon” Raquiza on vocals. They met at Hell Spawn Production and agreed to an idea of creating a band which is now known as “SCYTHEOVAMON”.

The first line up includes Paul Marfil (Sweeps of Shadows) on drums and Jay (Burial Ground) on bass. Few months after, Jay was replaced by Mon Buluran (Gemini) and Paul Marfil by Janjan Onayan (Jumbolilit).

When Scytheovamon decided to grow to a faster and heavier musical direction, they added Gerald Peralta (Damong Ligaw) to play guitar alongside Reggie, to give the band a more fierce rhythm section. On the other hand, Sammy Valmonte (Genocide/Ixion) replaced Mon on bass.

On 2010, both Gerald and Sammy part ways with the band which causes Scytheovamon to be on hiatus.

And this year, Janjan was replaced by Dex Reyes (Cathedriast/Legion) on drums, so he could focus on his family business. In addition to that, Jerome Alcantara (Bersikulo) was added as a member to do bass duties.

Currently, members are Josh "AmoN" Raquiza, Regie Viñas, Jerome "Jaggi" Alcantara and Dexter Reyes.

Scytheovamon plays death metal with thrash, melodeath and progressive approaches, and blackened lyrics.


Tuesday, 12 June 2012 by jaggijags

First post here on Metalrank. 

first of i would like to thank theo diligiannidis for the first welcome.. 


you can visit some of our home bases aside from here:


good day and good eve for all 



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thanks theo appreciate it \m/
Tuesday, 12 June 2012 12:54
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