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AESTEES Band Death Metal From Indonesia

AESTEES Band Death Metal From Indonesia
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AESTEES Band Death Metal From Indonesia
Sunday, 22 April 2012


Biography :
Aestees is a Death Metal band formed in Jakarta, Indonesia on May 28, 2010 with the first name "Another Sword To Slain". Consisting of a young and dangerous boy Azhidan Ainu Ropiq - Vocals, Bebby Fisher - Guitar, Ahmad Zulfikar - Bass, Rizal Arifin - Drums. After Ricky Sumantri resign this wouldn't make Aestees downed. Aestees influenced by Origin,Decapitated,The Faceless, Suffocation,Spawn Of Possession. Aestees' raw Death/Shred style uses death growl vocals with grind shred guitar mixed with fast drumming to sophisticated senses of songwriting. Aestees has released four demos (How To Kill Paranormal,72 Kepala Tanpa Tubuh,and Fatalisme Hari Mati) on 2010 and (Paraskevidketriaphobia) on 2011. Aestees intended to build a modern music without changes a oldschool characteristics and hoped thats Underground Music from Indonesia could be the best one.

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hails from manila, philippines
ainuropiqainuropiq on Wednesday, 13 June 2012 07:07

hail yeah fucking metal from Jakarta, Indonesia

Tuesday, 12 June 2012 15:11
Theo (admin)
Welcome! Your group is now published on metalranks \m/

It is an honor to have you with us!

Now you can upload videos in the group, announcements, photo albums and more! Also you can send us your promo pack with mp3's and bio for your band to airplay on Metal Messiah Radio @ MetalRanks Show every Tuesday & Wednesday.

enjoy your stay and if you need anything PM me
ainuropiqainuropiq on Wednesday, 13 June 2012 07:09

yeah, anything that would say to you I would like to thanks

Sunday, 22 April 2012 21:08