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This is the MetalRanks homepage. Here you can view all the latest highlights & notifications in one place.

for metalheads
The community wall is where all the recent activities and latest comments take place,
also you can check out latest photos and videos of members and legions (bands) that joined the community.


This is the band section. To have your band added in this section please read carefully the instructions here.

add your band

Legion system is a great tool to promote your band. Click the "Join Legion" sub-menu and start creating a page
for your band.
Write down a compact description (350-500 characters) otherwise them admin will shorten it accordingly
also include your likeup,
genre and bio. Also dont forget to upload an nice avatar of your band.
You can also add your band's videos to the group and announcements
like interviews, reviews and more!

 * Groups you create are moderated by the MetalRanks team. Our dogma is to promote the heavy sound worldwide.
NON-METAL groups or offensive matterial will be rejected. For further information or complaints contact us.

live shows

You play live with your band? We want to promote your gig! Here you can create your event fill in all the info and
(exactly like you do in Google maps) so people can reach you. Be careful on the start and ending times
and dates.
Also upload an avatar with the poster of the gig. Upon successful event creation the gig is automatically
shown by most
recent date in the "Events" menu for best  promotion.

Live chat with metalheads worldwide provided by Metal Messiah Radio.
Chat, have fun, make new friends, share youtube videos!!! That is what MetalRanks is all about! Entertainment!

PHOTOS & videos
Upload photos & videos of your band or yourself. Newest photos appear on the community wall.

Upon registration you have "FULL ACCESS" to the community, forums, chat, and email newsfeeds.